Successes and Failures

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. For some time I have been intensely focused on the CleanTech Open, a nation-wide contest of startups that are working on the challenges of energy, water, and buildings. We were honored to have been selected as semifinalists for the South Central Region back in May. Finally inContinue reading “Successes and Failures”

Interview Failure

Today ended four days full of interview preparation and interviews themselves. On Tuesday and Thursday I had my two “big company” interviews with Shell and British Telecom respectively. They were both very structured, including cases, and really more “assessments” than interviews. Insomuch as I wasn’t invited for the next round by either company, I failedContinue reading “Interview Failure”


Today we finished a three-day business simulation. Each study group represented a company bringing new products into a new, international market. In a turn-based, simulated universe, we competed against each other to position our products, make marketing decisions, optimize our supply chains, and work within the constraints of international regulatory uncertainty. My team did notContinue reading “Simulation”

Financial Aid

An anonymous reader posted a comment recently asking how IMD’s full-time MBAs afford the program, which isn’t cheap. Tuition and fees come to ~$75,000 (increasing to $80,000 for next year’s class). Living expenses are estimated at ~$30,000 on the year (Switzerland isn’t cheap either.) and then, of course, is the fact that most of usContinue reading “Financial Aid”