Missed Opportunities

In Friday’s POM class, Corey focused on knowledge brokering–how to find solutions to problems instead of solving them. As part of the lecture, he walked us through his own knowledge brokering experience at HP, which led to the invention of several products. One of these products was the HP Universal Notebook Expansion Base, which IContinue reading “Missed Opportunities”


I’m not sure if it is intentional or not (I suspect it is, as every part of this program has been planned out in excruciating detail.) but over the past two weeks our courses have taken on a sustainability theme. In Entrepreneurship we have been studying cases of social entrepreneurs, startups that help people and/orContinue reading “Sustainability”

Production and Operations Management

American professor Corey Billington teaches our Production and Operations Management class where we never know exactly what we’re going to get. Our first few sessions were focused on supply chain optimization but now we have transitioned into driving innovation. Today’s case is about one of the world’s largest power & gas companies which created anContinue reading “Production and Operations Management”