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The results are in! This evening we received our assignments for our International Consulting Projects (ICPs). The ICPs are projects wherein groups of four or five IMD students work on a major strategic project for companies around the world, reporting directly to CEOs or other top management. Each group works closely with an IMD faculty member with relevant expertise.

I was chosen for a supply chain strategy project at a global chemicals/materials company headquartered in Switzerland, near Zurich. My group will be great; there are just four of us, including a German (who is in my current study group), a Zambian, and a Colombian. They are all great guys who are both competent and experienced.

Our faculty member is Corey Billington, our POM professor and a former VP at HP. I’m really excited to work with him as he has a wealth of recent, real-world experience and he really likes to think big. Shall we tackle a project that will make billions of euros of difference to the client’s bottom line? BRING IT ON!

Although I was disappointed by the lack of wine-, football-, and space exploration-oriented projects, there were some other pretty cool possibilities, including:

  • luxury car market entry in France
  • international fundraising strategy for an African non-profit
  • product strategy for DuPont in Asia
  • market entry for an emissions-free scooter startup in Germany
  • growth strategy for a services firm in Quatar
  • geographic expansion strategy for Norelco/Nivea in the Netherlands
  • European marketing strategy for a UK chocolatier

There was even a project for a Danish company looking to open operations in Arkansas–wooooooooooooooooooo PIG SOOOOOIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

As I find out more about the project I will keep you all updated!

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