Right Place Right Time For Climatetech

Many lives ago I was CTO of a startup that built the largest DVD rental machine network in the world. We were acquired by RedBox, our largest competitor at the time, but before that happened it was amazing to participate on the front lines of a market in the throes of massive disruption. One dayContinue reading “Right Place Right Time For Climatetech”

Third Derivative: My Next Great Adventure

Far over the misty mountains coldTo dungeons deep and caverns oldWe must away ere break of dayTo seek the pale enchanted gold. I have founded or led eight climate tech startups. I’ve had one really big success, a few smaller successes, and a few “learning experiences” along the way – but every one of themContinue reading “Third Derivative: My Next Great Adventure”

Why My Toddler And I Participated In Today’s Climate Strike

Today I took our toddler out of daycare (with his mom’s permission!) and participated in the Climate Strike in downtown Chapel Hill. It was a youth-organized, peaceful protest against climate inaction, featuring student and faculty speakers. The gathering started at Peace and Justice Plaza, where there was music, chanting, and some speakers. We then processedContinue reading “Why My Toddler And I Participated In Today’s Climate Strike”

If Climate Change Isn’t Happening, Why Is the Arctic Melting?

The following question was asked on LinkedIn: “After Climate-Gate, skeptics say that man-made climate chaos and global warming are not happening yet the Arctic’s melting faster. What are your thoughts, observations and views?” My response: “I’m not a an expert in climate change, but I know many such experts. They are professors in environmental science,Continue reading “If Climate Change Isn’t Happening, Why Is the Arctic Melting?”