2010 Goal Progress

2010 has been very different than 2009 so far! For example, by this point last year I had been back and forth across the Atlantic several times already; this year I have yet to board a plane! 2010 is 25% complete now so it is time to check up on my goal progress:
So far I have been meeting my goals for maintaining personal relationships: spending time with friends and loved ones in person and keeping long distance relationships alive with calls and chats.
While my caloric intake and expenditure are usually within my goal ranges, my % of calories from fat is still too high. Body composition has remained relatively unchanged.
My sports and fitness goals have come along very well. I’ve already achieved my running and swimming goals for the year but I intend to keep improving. Beach volleyball has just started so I hope to show goal progress there soon.
Smart Office Energy Solutions is moving along quickly! We closed our seed investment round on time and exceeded our fundraising goals by 50%! I’m particularly encouraged by this result in this financial climate. We also have resellers and paying clients now–right on schedule and ready to grow! I’ll post about fundraising in greater detail separately.
Outside of Smart OES I’ve also been making progress. I have been mentoring three budding entrepreneurs and connecting regularly with my own mentors. My professional brand has been increasing its reach online via twitter (200 followers now and klout in the mid-20s) and LinkedIn (5+ daily profile views). My blog popularity was increasing for awhile but now has leveled out. This is probably the result of decreased blog post frequency and increasing focus on personal issues rather than professional ones.
Overall things are going well but the year is young. I’ve got to capitalize on this early momentum and keep pushing forward!

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