Easter was a wonderful experience this year! Now that I’m back in the US, Katie and I returned to our routine of driving up to Hot Springs, AR to visit extended family. The drive is seven hours but it went by quickly as we spent much of the time talking and listening to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on audio book.

Friday evening we joined my aunt and uncle downtown for Gallery Walk. The weather was wonderful as we sipped wine and leisurely walked between art galleries featuring local artists. In many galleries, the artists-in-residence were there on hand and sometimes even painting. As it is horse racing season, much of the art was racing themed.
After the walk we had dinner at an Italian restaurant in a downtown hotel. It was apparently prom night as there were many young men in rented tuxes and young ladies in tangerine princess gowns with major fake bakes. Fun! I was glad we were able to meet up with this part of my family on Friday as my aunt left the next day to meet my mom and others for the Shuttle launch.
Saturday began with a run. We went over to Lake Hamilton High School and used their track. I used my Garmin Forerunner as always but I also tried a new app for my G1 phone. It’s called CardioTrainer and it uses the phone’s built-in GPS. I was excited about the prospect of consolidating devices but, after one use, I don’t think it’s ready to be used seriously. The GPS was not accurate enough (marking a 10k run as 9.35k) and it had some other usability quirks. Still, the audio status updates and integrated music were cool features. I’ll try it again a few more times but my impression is that it’s just not adequate for serious training or racing.
The rest of Saturday was spent at Oaklawn Park. We had a beautiful day and lots of fun betting on horses we knew nothing about. I won some money on “Lion Man” and “Do the Tiger” so big cats seemed to be a good charm for me. I lost some money on some other horses, though, and came out about even. The real point of the day was to spend time with my family and that was accomplished with great success!
Sunday we ran again and then had Easter at my aunt’s house. It was so fun to catch up with everyone and stuff ourselves silly with good food. There are many things I miss about living in Europe but I am so, so happy to back closer to my family here. Just being around the people who have been supporting and loving me since the day I was born is invigorating and fills me with positivity–and the great food doesn’t hurt either!
We drove back Sunday evening; just a quick trip but a good one. It was a great Easter for us and I wish everyone out there a great Easter as well!

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