What a Week

We are off and running! Poken is really taking off in several key areas. We are now adding ~5 new Poken accounts each hour and our website traffic is growing exponentially. Although our uptake has been mostly in Europe so far, we are receiving phone calls and emails from people around the world interested in distributing and selling, so look out, Poken could be coming soon to a store near you!

However, our philosphy is to focus on getting it right and serving our existing customers before we put too much emphasis on expansion. For example, we have a great group of users in the Netherlands who are providing valuable feedback and ideas every day. The last thing we would do is abandon them.
As product manager, my job is to manage the development of the product so that it becomes more valuable to them and other users. I’ve spent this week putting a comprehensive development plan in place and will be working all weekend to configure Jira, a system to help us implement it. This will help keep my mind off the fact that I’m in the wrong time zone to watch NFL playoffs!
Speaking of which, I spent an hour on the treadmill this evening. To keep my mind off the cardio, I flipped through the channels on the screen in front of me and settled on . . . ski jumping and biathlon! Winter sports, here I come; I’m becoming more Swiss every day!

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