Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Chapters 1 & 2

We have come to the final book in reading our nightly bedtime Harry Potter reading to our 2yo. Generally I love this book and think it ties things up nicely. However, there are also many instances in which JKR’s retcons fall pretty flat – get ready, because I have thoughts! Let’s start with the beginning,Continue reading “Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Chapters 1 & 2”

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Film Review

This is one of my least favorite Harry Potter films. I am generally less of a fan of the David Yates films, which seem more plot-paint-by-numbers and lose much of the magical whimsy that make the books and early films so fantastic. This movie is probably the greatest offender because it leans so hard intoContinue reading “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Film Review”

Entrepreneurial Mentorship

In the call to action of my TED talk on the Entrepreneur’s Journey, I exhorted seasoned entrepreneurs to answer the call to service by mentoring less experienced entrepreneurs. Because entrepreneurship requires such different skills, heuristics, and calculi than other, much more common business arenas, having an experienced guide is invaluable to first-time entrepreneurs and canContinue reading “Entrepreneurial Mentorship”

The Mandalorian Review

TL;DR The Mandalorian is an OK show with high production value and occasional flashes of brilliance, occasional flashes of inexplicably low quality, but mostly mediocrity with a shiny veneer. It’s a fun romp of mindless fun but doesn’t capture what makes Star Wars special. I usually review media properties in three sections: The Good, TheContinue reading “The Mandalorian Review”

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Chapters 29 & 30

Another Harry Potter book finished – only one more and our 2yo will have “finished” them all! Reflecting back on the end game of Half Blood Prince got me thinking about the burden of responsibility for products sold. I wonder where the Death Eaters procured their Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder. In my head canon IContinue reading “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Chapters 29 & 30”

Rice Ring Ceremony

Last week was Rice’s first ever virtual Homecoming. Owl Together brought together thousands of alumni, students, parents, faculty, and staff to help people connect – to the university and with each other – despite the challenging times. As President of the Association of Rice Alumni, I was invited to make some brief remarks at theContinue reading “Rice Ring Ceremony”

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Chapters 27 & 28

Every time Hermione refers back to Hogwarts: A History, I can’t help but think that, if GRRM had written the Harry Potter series, he would have actually written and published Hogwarts: A History by now – and I, for one, would be eager to read it! The downside, of course, would be that Harry wouldn’tContinue reading “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Chapters 27 & 28”

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Chapters 25 & 26

Let’s look at the ways Voldemort stores/guards his six horcruxes (listed below chronologically in the order in which they were made): Tom Riddle’s diary – he gives it to Lucius Malfoy to safeguard Marvolo Gaunt’s ring – he leaves under a floorboard in the dilapidated Gaunt house Helga Hufflepuff’s cup – he gives it toContinue reading “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Chapters 25 & 26”

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Chapters 23-24

My Harry Potter book club leader, Becca, proposed an interpretation that Harry, the unintended seventh horcrux, was also the unintended Gryffindor horcrux! I haven’t heard that before and i doubt that JKR intended it that way per se so I think it’s doubly brilliant! This Ravenclaw’s mind is blown! This theory especially appeals to myContinue reading “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Chapters 23-24”

Right Place Right Time For Climatetech

Many lives ago I was CTO of a startup that built the largest DVD rental machine network in the world. We were acquired by RedBox, our largest competitor at the time, but before that happened it was amazing to participate on the front lines of a market in the throes of massive disruption. One dayContinue reading “Right Place Right Time For Climatetech”