Favorite and Least Favorite Tolkien Movie Scenes

The Broken Sword, a Tolkien-focused YouTube channel I enjoy, recently posed these questions as research for an upcoming video: What is your favourite scene in The Lord of the Rings? And why?What is your least favourite scene from The Hobbit Trilogy? And why? Having just rewatched the entire Lord of the Rings extended edition trilogyContinue reading “Favorite and Least Favorite Tolkien Movie Scenes”

TJHSST 25-Year Reunion

Last month I traveled back to Northern Virginia (“NoVA”) for the 25-year reunion of my Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology (TJHSST) class of 1997. It was an incredible trip down memory lane and a wonderful chance to reconnect with lifelong friends for the first time since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.Continue reading “TJHSST 25-Year Reunion”

2022 Winter Olympics Wrap-Up

I could get used to the Olympic Games on an every six months cadence! Another Olympics has come and gone so it is once again time to take a look at who “won” the Games by several different metrics. Per my previous posts, I continue to use a weighted scoring system to tally up Olympic medalsContinue reading “2022 Winter Olympics Wrap-Up”

Joe Montana Is The Greatest Quarterback Ever

Another Super Bowl has come and gone. The end of the season always leaves me reflecting on the greatest games, teams, and players of all time. Tom Brady’s recent retirement has many people talking about his legacy as the “Greatest Of All Time,” or GOAT for short. First off, can we agree that GOAT isContinue reading “Joe Montana Is The Greatest Quarterback Ever”