Family and Hurricanes and Terminators, OH MY!

We did a great deal more after our eclipse trip last month but multiple hurricanes distracted me from blogging about it! After the eclipse in Charleston, we spent a couple of days at the beach in Hilton Head. It was a bit hot and humid but it still always does my heart good to feelContinue reading “Family and Hurricanes and Terminators, OH MY!”

My Family, the American Dream

Former US President Bill Clinton recently held up my family as an example of immigrants that have done well in – and for – America. In his interview with Fareed Zakaria, President Clinton made an argument that the US should open its arms to Syrian refugees. As evidence that Syrian immigrants can be good additionsContinue reading “My Family, the American Dream”

My Brother’s Wedding

Last weekend Katie and I went to St. Petersburg, Florida, for my brother’s wedding. It was hot and humid, but somehow we didn’t mind at all. Katie set us up in a B&B near all the action. It was cute, quaint, and very energy- and water-efficient, which we obviously appreciated. If anyone else is travelingContinue reading “My Brother’s Wedding”

More Sibling Bonding in Austin

Last weekend Katie and I headed to Austin to spend the weekend with my brother, Nick, and his family. As we were the chauffeurs, there wasn’t room for Max in the car, so we left him with friends. We drove up to Austin Friday evening and crashed with a friend (a friend with a dogContinue reading “More Sibling Bonding in Austin”

A Life of Significance

In my last post I mused about my pattern of chronic overcommitment and speculated that a contributing factor might have been my father’s early death contributing to a sense of urgency to get something done before it’s too late. This is probably a bit simplistic as it neglects the motivation to do something significant in the firstContinue reading “A Life of Significance”

Magical Weekend in Florida

Last weekend we went to Florida to celebrate our nephew’s sixth birthday! It’s been years since I’ve been and a great deal has changed since the last time I was there. Katie and I flew in Thursday and were immediately treated to a wonderful dinner of fish tacos at my brother’s new house. Both heContinue reading “Magical Weekend in Florida”