Another weekend at The SHOP

Last weekend I underwent an epic 36 hours of working out at The SHOP in Dallas. As you might recall from my previous post about my first SHOP experience, it is not for the faint of heart. The SHOP is run by Drew Skaggs (S.H.O.P. stands for the Skaggs House Of Pain), a member ofContinue reading “Another weekend at The SHOP”


Last week was a great week that brought many accomplishments both professionally and personally. First off, I am pleased to announce that Smart Office Energy Solutions closed its second round of funding! While our first round comprised mostly smaller investors with whom I already had a personal relationship, this second, larger round was made upContinue reading “Winning”

Texas Med Center 5k 2011 Race Report 1/3: Preparation

This post is the first of three that detail my running of a 5k last weekend. Saturday I ran my first competitive race of the year, the Texas Med Center 5k. Last year I PRed in this race with a time of 21:43, thus meeting my 2010 goal of running a 5k race under 22:00.Continue reading “Texas Med Center 5k 2011 Race Report 1/3: Preparation”

Intense Workout at The SHOP

This morning I had one of my most intense workouts in recent memory, courtesy of The SHOP. The SHOP is an awesome gym in Dallas. It is a no-frills, high-intensity gym with lots of heavy equipment – it’s basically what Rocky‘s gym would be like. It is owned and run by a good friend ofContinue reading “Intense Workout at The SHOP”