Last week was a great week that brought many accomplishments both professionally and personally. First off, I am pleased to announce that Smart Office Energy Solutions closed its second round of funding! While our first round comprised mostly smaller investors with whom I already had a personal relationship, this second, larger round was made upContinue reading “Winning”

Texas Med Center 5k 2011 Race Report 1/3: Preparation

This post is the first of three that detail my running of a 5k last weekend. The second entry isĀ Texas Med Center 5k 2011 Race Report 2/3: The Race The third entry is Texas Med Center 5k 2011 Race Report 3/3: What Now Saturday I ran my first competitive race of the year, the TexasContinue reading “Texas Med Center 5k 2011 Race Report 1/3: Preparation”

Intense Workout at The SHOP

This morning I had one of my most intense workouts in recent memory, courtesy of The SHOP. The SHOP is an awesome gym in Dallas. It is a no-frills, high-intensity gym with lots of heavy equipment – it’s basically what Rocky‘s gym would be like. It is owned and run by a good friend ofContinue reading “Intense Workout at The SHOP”