IMD Alumni Event in Boston

Last weekend was a wonderful trip to Boston, reconnecting with friends, classmates, colleagues, and professors! I flew up Thursday night and spent Friday in business meetings downtown + catching up with a dear friend / former colleague in Somerville. Lacking a car was no problem because Boston has a very robust public transportation system. SaturdayContinue reading “IMD Alumni Event in Boston”

IMD: a Global Brand – a Global Bond

With four years now to reflect on the IMD network, I recently had two travel experiences that really cemented its value for me: Buenos Aires and Switzerland. When Katie and I went to Buenos Aires in May we were really helped along by my two IMD classmates there. They and their families met up withContinue reading “IMD: a Global Brand – a Global Bond”

A Swiss Day in Houston

Today was a very Swiss kind of day! OK, OK, let me explain, because Houston, Texas, is a pretty far cry from “Swiss!” What I mean is that today really felt a lot like my Swiss/IMD experience even though it was a Saturday in Houston. To start, the weather was gorgeous. Not a cloud inContinue reading “A Swiss Day in Houston”

School Pride Continued

No sooner had we returned to the US than we traveled to San Antonio for more IMD action – but this time closer to “home” turf! The Academy Of Management‘s annual meeting was being held there in several venues along the River Walk. The AOM is the preeminent academic organization for scholars in the fieldsContinue reading “School Pride Continued”

Finnish Wedding Part 2

Friday began with an amazing breakfast buffet at our hotel. It was a veritable smorgasbord of Nordic staples: pickled herring, mustard herring, marinated salmon, little pancakes, organic spelt/barley porridge with lingonberries, eggs, freshly baked bread, cheese, pastries, nuts/seeds, and fresh fruit. None of this wimpy continental breakfast for us – these Finns know how toContinue reading “Finnish Wedding Part 2”

Finnish Wedding Part 1

Katie and I went to Finland for the first time in our lives for the wedding of two IMD friends and we absolutely loved the place! A cynical MBA friend of mine once advised me that the best benefit of business school was that it provided many travel opportunities for weddings of classmates. As internationalContinue reading “Finnish Wedding Part 1”

Ah, Summer in Switzerland

I’ve just returned from a week in Lausanne, Switzerland that was both productive and refreshing. The original purpose of my trip was to attend IMD‘s annual meeting for presidents of its global alumni clubs. As the founder and president of the Houston alumni club, I was invited this year for the first time. As thisContinue reading “Ah, Summer in Switzerland”

Computer Science and IMD

A prospective applicant to the IMD MBA program recently contacted me to ask about how my computer science (CS) background affected my IMD experience and whether or not IMD was a good fit for him. It got me thinking, especially since I had just received an invitation to talk to the current crop of RiceContinue reading “Computer Science and IMD”