National Garlic Day

Happy belated National Garlic Day to all! Fortunately for my classmates, especially those who sit around me, I will wait until this evening to celebrate. Of course, I celebrate garlic pretty much every day, so today isn’t all that out of the ordinary!

I finished 1989 this morning and it was not a great year for American popular music. On the brighter side, Guns N’ Roses was coming on strong. However, this was more than offset by the arrival of New Kids On The Block, which marked the official start of the Boy Band era. It is with a heavy heart and serious anxiety about things to come that I continue the musical odyssey into the 90s.

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One thought on “National Garlic Day

  1. Garlic is such a good friend. One of these days, we must do lunch at the Stinking Rose in San Fransisco (garlic is the number one ingredient in the entire menu, even the wine list) and then going up to Napa where they will hopefully give us wine to take our breath elsewhere.

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