Weekend in NYC – Part 2

Last Saturday was a long, wonderful day in NYC. We started with brunch at Rosemary’s in Greenwich Village, not a far walk from where we were staying. The weather was wonderful for such a walk: sunny and clear, great for enjoying all the snow of the night before! Rosemary’s was excellent, too. Apparently much of their food comes from their rooftop garden, but when we went up to check out the garden it was buried under a foot of snow! So I’m assuming they make other arrangements during the winter . . . Regardless we had a blast catching up with friends from college and high school over delicious Italian-inspired breakfast food!

Well nourished, we hopped on the subway (Oh isn’t it nice to be in a city with public transportation?!) up to the theater district where we saw a matinee showing of Phantom of the Opera. I was worried that that might be a bit of a cliché tourist trap and that the cast might just kind of mail in the performance, but wow, were we ever impressed! Especially the Phantom and Carlotta (for whom it was a Broadway debut) really nailed it – I’m really glad we went!

From there we walked up to Rockefeller Plaza where we paid homage to 30 Rock and popped into a wine bar. After a quick freshening up back at the hotel, we ventured out for a long evening. It began with dinner at a great high school friend’s house. In a city known for night life and fine restaurants, it was encouraging to learn that you could just enjoy dinner at home with some friends as well.

After great food and wine and an introduction to the recent addition to their family, we then made our way over to another high school friend’s apartment. He happens to be starting up a new venture related to beer and food pairings, so he regaled us with several flights of exotic beers paired perfectly with accompanying cheeses and even desserts!

He then joined us as we walked to our final destination: a bar in Alphabet City where we met up with several old friends from Lovett College at Rice. What a blast from the past – we hadn’t seen most of them since college and it was fun to catch up with them until the very wee hours of the morning. It has been a long time since Katie and I stayed out until 3 AM but, if it’s going to happen, NYC is probably an appropriate venue!

After our late night, Sunday morning began way too early, but we managed to mobilize and make our way to Chinatown for a traditional New Year’s celebration. We met friends from elementary school and business school at a dim sum restaurant, where we stuffed ourselves silly for an incredibly low-priced meal. The only way to afford living in NYC must be to eat dim sum as often as possible!

As we walked back toward our hotel to pick up our bags and head to the airport, we stopped in a Chinatown park where they were setting off fireworks and singing the US national anthem in celebration – what a great way to ring in the year of the snake!

It was just a short trip to NYC, but I think we did it up right: museums, shows, restaurants, late nights, and – most importantly – friends. We still need to visit the Met and go running in Central Park, so I guess we’ll just have to return soon!

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