Weekend in NYC – Part 1

Katie and I had a wonderful weekend in New York City. As much as I travel, both domestically and abroad, I actually haven’t been to NYC since before I started blogging – and Katie had never been at all.

One major reason is that I have never really loved NYC. Part of that is just my natural tendency to be a contrarian about “popular” things. I’ve always been a slow adopter of new popular music, for example, so the more people go on and on about how great “the City” is, the more I usually dig in and claim that you can get the same features elsewhere at a fraction of the price. Moreover, the things NYC is known for – fashion, marketing, [sketchy] finance, and lavish living – all run somewhat counter to the industries and values that I hold dear. Still, I have many great friends there and I always have a great time when I visit.

We flew up Thursday night just before the snow storm hit. We checked into our [tiny] hotel in the East Village and had a good night’s sleep followed by a leisurely Friday morning. After breaking our travel fast we headed up to check out some museums, first the Guggenheim and then the MoMA.

The Guggenheim was sort of a bust; part of the museum was shut down due to installation of a new exhibit and the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit about which we were excited turned out to be quite small. The MoMA delivered more although, once again, the Goldfinger and The Scream exhibits we were anticipating were somewhat lackluster – but it made up with lots of impressionism.

The biggest hit by far was our lunch between museums at Candle 79! All organic, all vegan, and with some raw entrees, this restaurant proved emphatically that catering to special dietary needs can still be gourmet and delicious! Plus we were able to catch up with a friend there whom we hadn’t seen in a long time.

After freshening up back at our hotel, we had an early dinner at nearby Almond. This definitely satisfied our seafood fix (in a south of France kind of way!) and ensured that we were properly nourished before our evening show. Between the early reservation and people staying in due to the weather, we didn’t feel rushed or crowded at all.

Friday evening we attended a performance of Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, one of Katie’s favorite Tennessee Williams plays. We knew that Scarlett Johansson was headlining, but we were pleased to recognize several of the other actors as well, including Ciarán Hinds and Benjamin Walker, as well. We really enjoyed the production and would recommend it to anyone else who is a fan of the play. Point to New York: top notch theater packed with Hollywood’s best is not a feature you find anywhere else.

By the time we left the theater, NYC was dead. The snow was falling heavily, the roads were slushy, and there were only a few other people in Times Square. We decided to call it a night and save our strength for Saturday.

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