James Bond Cars

Today’s ranking: James Bond’s best cars:

1. Aston Martin DB5 – this beautiful silver sports car was featured in multiple movies (Goldfinger, Thunderball, Skyfall) and cameo’ed in a few more. The original spy car, it had machine guns, rocket launchers, smoke screen, tire slashers, and a rear bullet shield. This was the Batmobile of Bond cars!
2. Lotus Esprit S1 – (The Spy Who Loved Me) this bad boy could not only transform into a submarine, it had [sub]surface-to-air missles to boot.
3. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish – (Die Another Day) any car that can turn invisible wins major points in my book.
4. Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante – (The Living Daylights) this Aston Martin “winterized” the the DB5’s features by adding side outriggers, deployable tire spikes, lasers, and rocket propulsion.
5. AMC Matador coupe – (The Man With The Golden Gun) this was Scaramanga’s car, not Bond’s, but it still wins major points for transforming into a plane.
6. Moon Buggy – (Diamonds Are Forever) no special gadgets here, but come on, it’s a lunar rover!
7. Aston Martin DBS – (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)  no gadgets, just a beautiful car.
8. Aston Martin DBS V12 – (Casino Royale) no gadgets (other than some defibrillator equipment), just a beautiful car.
9. Aston Martin DBS V12 – (Quantum of Solace) same as the one in Casino Royale, but a little darker.
10. Lotus Esprit Turbo – (For Your Eyes Only) not much action from this one, but still a pretty cool car.
11. BMW Z8 – (The World Is Not Enough) only got to fire one shot before being cut in half by an helicopter-mounted buzz saw.
12. Toyota 2000GT – (You Only Live Twice) quite a departure from the classy European cars throughout the rest of the Bond films.
13. BMW 750iL – (Tomorrow Never Dies) typical weapons but with the added ability to drive the car via smart phone. Lost points for being an ugly boat of a car.
14. Bentley Mark IV – (From Russia With Love) this car didn’t have anything special about it except that Bentley never actually made a “Mark IV” model.
15. BMW Z3 – (Goldeneye) in one of the more flagrant instances of product placement during this Bond era, this car served no purpose whatsoever and had less than two minutes of screen time.
16. Mercedes 250SE – (Octopussy) after the tires were blown, Bond mounted this car onto railroad tracks and drove it that way.
17. Chevrolet Impala – (Live And Let Die) nothing special.
18. Ford LTD – (A View To A Kill) nothing special.
19. Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible – (Dr. No) nothing special.

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