Cheeseburger in Paradise

Last night I went to a coworker’s apartment for . . . cheeseburgers! I can’t remember when was the last time I indulged in meaty, gooey goodness–maybe not since 2008–but I was very excited to revisit it. When I arrived at her apartment I met several of her friends (from Switzerland, Russia, and the Czech Republic) who also had large appetites. We spent a while milling about while the burgers were prepared. Naturally I took the opportunity to teach the eastern Europeans the lyrics to Jimmy Buffett’s classic Cheeseburger In Paradise, which I consider a real success of cultural exchange.

When finally it was time to eat, I realized that these were not exactly your typical burgers–they were a very Swiss version! There were apples and rosemary in the patties and the cheese was . . . raclette! After a weekend of perfect weather and, hence, beach volleyball–with the Poken team–I was ravenous and they were oh so good. I told myself I would quit after just one. Then I had just one more half. And then another half. Then, after dessert, one more half. So, 2.5 burgers and a couple glasses of nicely paired zinfandel later, I walked home very, very well fed!

Many thanks go out to my coworker for cooking–now it’s back to salads and light pasta for a while!

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2 thoughts on “Cheeseburger in Paradise

  1. Sounds delicious! I (heart) Cheeseburgers.Last night:4 people (well, three and a half…). One gas grill. 3 lbs of free range ground buffalo, handshaped into patties stuffed with fresh diced cloves and cilantro, chipotle chili pepper, garlic, 4 mexican cheeses, and Worcestershire sauce. Topped with sharp cheddar, toasted wheat bun, spinach, fresh beefsteak tomato, pickles, onion, and BBQ sauce (RH&B Mojo Mild, courtesy one Bryan Guido Hassin) or spicy mustard.There were no survivors.Robert Porker rated my cheeseburger skills as a 100/100. You must come and savor. Portion control is out the window, baby! 😉 My son (3.5 yrs old, 38 lbs) killed a quarter pounder by himself. Awesome. Pretty sure he's an inch taller this morning.God bless America. And the Buffalo. The Native Americans had it right, bro.Incidentally, following the burgers was an incredible bottle of Château Canon La Gaffelière 1996, from the St. Emilion appellation in Bordeaux, France. It is probably #1 or #2 for me, all-time! Special thanks go out to my Dad for this one!I highly recommend this wine – it is very robust and bold, with hints of chocolate and berry and an outrageously complex bouquet, yet drinks exceedingly smooth with an exceptionally warm and pleasant aftertaste. It absolutely stood alone, needing no accompaniment (e.g. cheese, grape, steak, whatever) to enhance it or balance it – just perfect!Reviews: the vineyard:,9,3#Accompanying the wine was James Bond QUANTUM OF SOLACE. It was the second time I've seen it. CASINO ROYALE is much better, but a bottle of wine + Bond + family is a winning team every time.Nick

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