Poken is encroaching on US soil!

One of my coworkers attended SXSW in Austin last week and inadvertently made a big splash for Poken. We found ourselves on the front page of techcrunch, on many US blog sites, and . . . on NPR!!! Our site traffic has doubled since then and we have completely sold out on every continent (Last week we launched the product in Japan and it sold out in hours!). Not to worry, though, manufacturing has ramped up and we will be restocked soon. This is very exciting!

In other news, I went for my first run along the lake of 2009 Monday evening with my favorite running partner. The skies were clear and the red sunset reflected pink off the snowy mountains. The weather was warm enough to wear shorts (although still with long sleeves) and the birds chirping + trees budding harkened the spring to come. The lake was as smooth as glass, so all of the above was reflected beautifully during a long, slow jog.

While she has been here we have been cooking every night. Potato leek soup, wild mushroom risotto, mmmmmm. It feels so good to have a real kitchen again!

Yesterday I flew up to London for the first all-hands meeting of our Sales & Marketing (S&M!) team. It took 10 hours of travel for < 5 hours of discussion but it was good to have our personnel from the US, Netherlands, UK, and Switzerland all together in the same place. Next week I may find myself in Taiwan. Welcome to the world of the mobile work force!

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3 thoughts on “Poken is encroaching on US soil!

  1. Happy to have found your blog! I am one of your new resellers in the U.S. where Poken is going to be taking off! I am very proud to support a Swiss start-up as well. I worked in CH for 3 years in Morges and lived near Geneva – it is truly one of the most beautiful countries in the world with such an open and friendly (and international) environment. I wish you and Poken the best of luck and will be enthusiastically following your blog! I love Paris and your posts make me reminince…luckily I will be there in May.Merci, bonne chance, et puis a bientot!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Andi! I try to keep this blog about my personal life instead of Poken (where we\’ve JUST started a blog at http://blog.doyoupoken.com) but, well, Poken *IS* my life right now so c\’est la vie! 🙂 It\’s great to e-meet you (Perhaps we\’ll poken some day soon!) and welcome to the rocket ship!

  3. I was at the launch of Poken Japan with Stephane & team and the Akoni guys, it was great. We created a whole meme in Japan about this.Parties are popping up all over the place in Tokyo 🙂

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