New Year

Exactly one year ago Katie and I missed our flight from Houston to Newark and had to re-route through Zurich the following day. Today, not only did I not miss my flight from Houston to Newark, I miraculously received a first class upgrade even though I didn’t earn enough elite miles last year  to maintain my Continental elite status. 2009 is starting off right! During the flight I watched City of Ember and the beginning of The Rocker, neither of which I recommend.

Now I’m hanging out in Newark airport waiting on my flight to Geneva. There are a couple of total frat boys sitting by me talking about all the “crazy” places in Europe they’re “totally gonna do.” If this guy butchers “Cinque Terre” one more time, I may stand up and punch him in the face. And it’s a wonder that American tourists have such a poor reputation abroad . . . Oh well, at least they’re from the University of Delaware, home of the mighty Wing-T offense!
I wish everyone the very best for 2009. I think it’s going to be a good one!

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