Fight For Rice, Rice Fight On

The mighty Rice Owls completed one of their best seasons in school history last night when they beat the Western Michigan Broncos 38-14 in the Texas Bowl. We tailgated all afternoon with beer, sausage, and cheese. Cox and I, undefeated Champions of the Universe in two-on-two ocean football, added to our accolades as all-time undefeated champions in Cornhole. We threw the football around (sunny, 70-degree F weather) and listened to country music–what could be more Texas?

The game itself was great. Other than one interception, Rice had no miscues. Jarrett Dillard extended his NCAA record with a TD catch, James Casey proved and reproved his dominance, and MVP Chase Clement (who was unfortunately injured and couldn’t play during the New Orleans Bowl of 2006) scored five TDs–throwing for three, running for one, and even receiving a TD pass from Jarrett Dillard, which was the icing on the cake.
Congrats to the Rice football team and especially to this talented group of seniors. Now it’s up to the next generation to build on this tradition of success and continue making it something we can all be proud of.

Rice, fight, never die

Blue, gray, in the sky
Stand, cheer, drink more beer
Go, go, gooooooooo Rice!

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