In Transition

Last night was wonderful. On a whim, Asier (Basque) organized a get-together for those of us still in town at a local brew-pub. We stayed for hours and hours laughing, hugging, and goodbying. I should have done more of this during the year but, as they say, better late than never.

I believe I am the only one in our class who has already started work. At least one classmate starts next week, then a few in January, most in February, and some in March. Would I have preferred to take time really to rest, reflect, and transition? Absolutely. However, Poken said they needed me NOW and, after three very full days, I must say I agree. We are indundated 24/7 with demand from customers and business partners in markets we are not yet serving so it is a real challenge to keep our ongoing operations moving forward while still planning for the future–the very immediate future.
I transitioned in another way too last night. Upon my return home from the brew-pub, I was so close to the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that I just sat down and finished it. What a book. What a series! Jung contended that Grimm’s fairy tales contained all common archetypes for transformation and development. In every generation it seems that there emerge stories and myths that serve the same purpose in a more updated way. I believe the Harry Potter series fills that need for this generation. I still need time to digest and mull over everything that happened but my feeling is that this series is one that I will re-read over and over again. Now I can’t wait for the remaining movies to come out!
So here I am with lots of transition in my life, but the family and friends I love are constant. They are the rocks that anchor me and the stars by which I set my course. Thank you all!
Pictures from the graduation, ball, and my first days at Poken can be found in my facebook album.

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  1. Hi Bryan, nice to read on your personal blog you can find some time to relax. Let\’s make Poken the 2009 hit! I\’ve got some great ideas, that isn\’t gonna be the problem. But we\’ll have to act fast, very fast. Maybe I\’ll visit Lausanne somewhere between 19th and 24th of December. Hope to Poke you 😉

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