And I’m Off!

No time to rest, no time to reflect, today was my first day on the job. It was hectic, unstructured, and wonderfully exciting–everything life at a startup should be. I’ve been through all of this before yet I feel somehow . . . “displaced.” The same stuff is happening that used to happen at R7 or at Antmachine but I feel like I am viewing it all through several lenses: marketing, strategy, HR, and–of course–group dynamics. As events unfold in front of me, neurons are firing relating them back to theories, models, and my own practical experience. This isn’t to say that I have all the answers–just that I have a more structured, yet intuitive, approach to processing this professional sensory data than I used to. Thanks, IMD.

As I sat at lunch struggling to keep up with the Swiss French being spoken by our CEO and a potential business partner, I woefully remenisced about the good times at R7. We played a game in which we were awarded points for sneaking in undetected The Big Lebowski references during client meetings. Just as I had this thought and resigned myself to the fact that people here probably didn’t “get” The Big Lebowski, “Hotel California” by The Gypsy Kings began over the restaurant’s speakers. While many of my readers may have no idea what in God’s holy name I am blathering about, those who know and love TBL will appreciate it. Eight-year-olds, Dude.

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