Beach Volleyball in the Rain

After an incredibly productive several days of work for deskNET, my group’s startup client, I was chomping at the bit to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Most of the class gathered in the auditorium to watch The Constant Gardener, one of 10 movies we must see in preparation for our Discovery Trip to Kenya. Having already seen it, I snuck off with Tomas, the Super Slovakian, to get some volleyball in while it was still light out.

At almost exactly the moment that we played our first point, it began to rain, just a sprinkle at first. Then it came down a little harder. And then harder. By the time we finished our second game, it was pouring. But hey, we were already there so we might as well play. Our opponents had the same attitude so, while the rest of the courts cleared, we managed to squeeze in four games before Tomas had to leave. Sure the conditions were suboptimal, but it was still a blast.

On an unrelated note, I’ve finally returned to my journey through American pop music and have now made it to 1993. It takes me back to my 8th grade graduation dance at Lake Braddock and the beginning of my freshman year at TJ–great memories!

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