I Think I’m Allergic To Accounting

Today’s weather was just about perfect: 60-65 degrees F and not a cloud in the sky. It was just the type of day that reminds me of sipping Brunello all afternoon on some beautiful terrazza in Florence. For that matter, it was just the type of day that motivates me to sip wine all afternoon on some beautiful terrazza. Unfortunately I was indoors all day studying Accounting and Finance. Final exams for our first module are next week and those are the two subjects for which A. I have the least background and B. there are definite, non-BSable, right and wrong answers.
The self restraint has taken its toll; my forehead is breaking out. Conclusion: I am allergic to accounting!

I actually tried to begin studying for Accounting on Friday by participating in a review session. Stewart would have none of it, though, and ordered those of us who had decent grades in the class to leave. He didn’t have a grades list with him so he didn’t know who was technically supposed to be there and who was prohibited. Interestingly, when Stewart asked who had a certain grade or higher, some of the students with decent grades remained silent so they could stay for the session. It will be interesting in August when, as a class representing 44 nationalities, we are tasked with agreeing upon a universal code of ethics. I wonder where disobeying direct orders from professors will come out. For me, it was clear. For others, it clearly was not.

Staying in today wasn’t all bad, though; I opened up my windows and was still able to enjoy the day. Once I finished studying for Accounting, I even rewarded myself by heading outside for some exercise–pictures are on FaceBook. Mozart‘s piano concerti and symphonies kept me company while I was studying but, in honor of his upcoming Houston concert, Jimmy Buffett was the soundtrack to my walk outside.

And speaking of Jimmy Buffett, I’ll close with some select lyrics from “If It All Falls Down,” off of his 1986 album, Floridays. It seems like an appropriate song for IMD as it addresses his hard studying and struggle to choose the right career:

Never wanted to be
A part of history
I have my days in the sun
A beach bum, a man for all sea sides

Guidance counselor said
Your scores are anti-heroic
Computer recommends
Hard-drinking calypso poet

Studied life at sea
Studied life in bars
Never passed my S.A.T.’s
So I thought I’d study extra hard

We had plenty of doctors
We had plenty of lawyers
We had people to make us things
We had people to sell us those things
We didn’t have enough room for those things
We built lots of self storage
Calypso poet shortage
Calypso poet shortage

That last verse even include some supply chain theory–so appropriate! This partial song quote is dedicated to another American IMD student, Matt. He is the captain of IMD’s sailing team for the upcoming MBA Tournament and he has taken a very Buffett-esque approach by making it the IMD drinking team. Jimmy would be proud!

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  1. Hiya, I have been following your blog, you have excellent posts… I envy you so much because the IMD\’s MBA is my dream, unfortunately far too expensive for me though… not sure how you guys can afford it, I would love if you could post something on how those 90 people manage to fund their MBAs… by the way, I am an accountant ;)Regards,Olga

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