Why I Donate to Rice Part 2

18 months ago I responded to a Thresher op-ed that advocated for withholding donations. Now I find myself doing the same. The original Thresher article is here. My initial response was as follows: “As humans we fear change and we always long for our alma mater to remain the [often idealized] snapshot of our ownContinue reading “Why I Donate to Rice Part 2”

Why I Donate To Rice

After reading Falan Mouton’s article laying out her rationale for not donating to Rice (“Rice just a business; donations are purely optional for graduates,” October 8, 2010), I was tempted to write a response pointing out flaws in her logic–e.g. contending that the Rice “product” ceases creating value for its “consumers” the moment they graduate–andContinue reading “Why I Donate To Rice”