No Proof That Hillary Clinton Took Bribes as Secretary of State

While I have never intended for this blog to be political in nature, I am still very much interested in critical thinking, challenging unsubstantiated claims, and questioning data that may be misrepresented to manipulate opinion – and these days that pretty much means talking politics! Recently I’ve heard several attacks on Democratic presidential nominee, HillaryContinue reading “No Proof That Hillary Clinton Took Bribes as Secretary of State”

Lies in Politics

Some version or another of this chart has been making the rounds on Facebook: It is a summary from Politifact of the truthfulness of statements made by several prominent US politicians leading into the 2016 presidential election. Each of the politicians has made at least 50 statements rated by Politifact but, to be clear, thisContinue reading “Lies in Politics”

On the Importance of Critical Thinking

This morning I saw a post claiming that, “Over half of all mobile searches lead to a purchase.” I found this claim to be bold beyond the point of believability. Taking myself as a single data point, I do many searches on my mobile phone each day and rarely – almost never – do theyContinue reading “On the Importance of Critical Thinking”