Getaways in the Mountains

The last two weekends we have escaped to Colorado mountain towns and they have lived up to the hype!

Two weekends ago we visited some dear friends in Beaver Creek. We found Beaver Creek to be a small, secluded town with a real feeling of getting away. The architecture was very Swiss-inspired, which took us back to our time en suisse many years ago. This was a quiet weekend for us, spending time with our friends, watching the Olympics, and hiking and eating our way through charming Beaver Creek.

Last weekend we traveled to Breckenridge, which in many ways was the opposite of Beaver Creek: big, very commercial, and very American-feeling (in contrast to Beaver Creek’s more European feel). This was a more extended vacation for us and we spent the time hiking, biking, and participating in summer mountain activities (gondola rides, roller coasters, alpine slides). I even bumped into a beach volleyball teammate of mine from Houston – what a small world!

Although we are still largely keeping to ourselves during this COVID resurgence, it has felt very liberating to begin exploring our environs. We moved to Boulder more than a year ago and only recently are we starting to access the rest of Colorado. Suffice it to say that Colorado offers a lot of natural beauty; driving to/from is almost as breathtaking as the destinations themselves. Many aspects of this state remind me of my time in Switzerland – which is a very good thing! We are very much looking forward to continuing our adventures here!

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2 thoughts on “Getaways in the Mountains

  1. Love both Breckenridge and Beaver Creek. I’ve only been to Breckenridge in ski season, but have been to Beaver Creek in both winter and summer. So far, 2 of our 3 most recent trips have been to Colorado. A housewarming/birthday party for a good friend & the Pike’s Peak Ascent race last weekend. We will be coming up to Red Rocks for the Buffett concert next month, too. When Athena retires, I’m thinking we may end up near Denver. So far, we’ve been careful & have avoided COVID-19. Glad to hear you all have too. Take care & continue to stay safe. Fins up.

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