Introducing Genève

Almost one year to the day since we lost our sweet Max, we are elated to have added Genève to our family!

Genève is a Great Bernese, a Bernese Mountain Dog / Great Pyranees mix. Ever since we fell in love with Berners in Switzerland, we have wanted to bring one into our family but never felt that hot climates like Houston would be appropriate for such a big, furry dog. Now that we’re in Colorado, though, this seems like a great place for such a breed!

Everyone else seems to think so too. We have been on the Berner rescue list for months and are frequently told that we may never be able to adopt one. Accordingly, we put down a deposit last month for a puppy from a breeder that was recommended by the rescue organization and were told that it would probably be a year before one was available.

Late last week, though, we received a call from the breeder, letting us know that two people had backed out of this particular puppy, who might be on the small side – would we be interested? Yes! We drove out Saturday to meet her and drove back with her in tow. During the car ride, we discussed mountains and places near mountains that could inspire a name for her. When we arrived at Genève, the conversation was over because our 2yo insisted that that had to be her name. I agreed as long as her middle name would be Aéroport!

We’ve had her now for 24 hours and she is a little fluffy ball of joy. She has spent a lot of the daytime sleeping – tuckered out from these big changes – and a lot of the nighttime keeping me awake because she wants to go out and play in the yard! At eight weeks old, she still has a lot of growing, developing, and learning to do but so far she has pottied exclusively outdoors so we consider that a good first step.

Our 2yo loves her, except when she is trying to chew on their toys. Katie and I are overjoyed to have a furry companion back in our lives again; it feels like a hole in our family has been filled.

Happy Easter, everyone; we have extra motivation to rejoice this year!

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