Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Chapters 29 & 30

Another Harry Potter book finished – only one more and our 2yo will have “finished” them all!

Reflecting back on the end game of Half Blood Prince got me thinking about the burden of responsibility for products sold. I wonder where the Death Eaters procured their Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder. In my head canon I can’t really reconcile any of them patronizing the business of filthy blood traitors like the Weasleys so I think it more likely that they owl-ordered it straight from Peru – or procured it through some other channel. Not that it matters – just an interesting thought exercise.

Also the scene in the hospital wing with newly mangled Bill Weasley always makes me cry, impeding my ability to keep up the outlandish French accent with which I always read Fleur. We should all be so lucky to A. know, B. be, or C. be loved by someone as fierce as Fleur. Although entirely unworthy of it, I have the great fortune to be loved by someone(s) that fiercely, which is all the proof I will ever need that there is indeed magic in the world.

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