Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Chapters 5-8

The more time Harry spends at The Burrow, the more it seems like this world’s Rivendell – the last stop for warmth and healing before diving into the full adventure. Rivendell was also known as The Last Homely House, a name which feels very “Burrow” to me.

The Burrow by Rafael Chies

I don’t really understand how Tonks is able to cast a patronus. Don’t you need a strong, happy memory to do so? She doesn’t really seem to be in a good place for that.

For that matter, it has always seemed a bit lazy to me to have written in the use of Patronuses (Patroni?) for communication. That seems to be very, very off-target for something that requires a happy memory and is used to ward off evil happiness suckers. I mean, in a world where there is specific magic to turn a fricking rat into a water goblet, it seems really inconsistent to use one form of magic for multiple dramatically different purposes.

Sigh, after the events of Book 5, you would think Harry would be a little more willing to question himself when he’s super sure of some crazy conspiracy. Groups make better decisions than individuals and Harry saw that first hand last year. Frankly Ron and Hermione should be intervening more strongly with him: friends don’t let friends go off on misguided adventures! Or Dumbledore, for that matter: “Harry, keep your invisibility cloak on you at all times and don’t go on any stupid quests without consensus from Ron and Hermione or me!”

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