Is Trust in Obama’s Leadership at Historically Low Levels?

As part of my series analyzing the article suggesting that Obama has changed the economy for the worse, let’s now move on to the ninth and final claim: that trust in Obama’s leadership and administration remains at historically low levels.

Cutting right to the chase, I can’t find any support for this claim. I suppose it depends on what the writer means by “trust,” but the nearest metric I can find is presidential approval ratings.

Across 10 polls, Obama is currently ~53%, which is much higher than his lowest approval rating (37% in 2011 and in 2014):

Obama’s current approval rating is also higher than every other president’s lowest approval rating since Kennedy:

Obama’s approval rating is neither low within the historical context of his presidency nor within the context of all presidencies. Therefore this claim is FALSE.

That said, Obama’s average approval rating (47%) is the lowest since Carter’s and is on par with that of W, Carter, Ford, Nixon, and Truman – not the best of company. I’m not sure, though, if it’s fair to compare approval ratings of today’s polarized, partisan media-driven, post-fact world with those of a simpler time when people got their information with less spin and did more thinking – and approving – for themselves.

CONCLUSION: This is a baseless claim with no substantiation whatsoever.

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