Weekend in Charlottesville

This weekend Katie and I sneaked off for a brief trip to Charlottesville, Virginia. I hadn’t been to Charlottesville since looking at colleges 20 years ago; some things have stayed the same, but much has changed as well. Charlottesville is now full of farm-to-table restaurants and posh gastropubs. While much of the city was closed for Memorial Day Weekend or recovering from the chaos of Commencement one week prior, many places were open so we conducted a bit of a culinary tour of Charlottesville.

To balance all our eating, we got some running in. I was very pleased to discover a network of trails circumscribing the city, so I spent ample time exploring trails along Charlottesville’s creeks, streams, and ridges. There is plenty left to discover, so I will have to return!

Saturday we visited Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson. This too had changed quite a bit since I had seen it as a child. Now the topic of slavery is woven into everything from the house tour to the grounds, painting a more complete picture of life on the plantation than I had seen previously.

The trip was short – less than 48 hours – but it was a welcome, relaxing change of pace and a good excuse to spend time with dear friends from high school.

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