First Obstacle Race in the books!

Saturday I competed in the Legend Race obstacle course race, a 5-mile trail run with obstacles just outside of RTP. With ropes to climb, walls to scale, poles to traverse, logs to carry, etc. every quarter mile or so, it was a lot more interesting (and a lot more tiring!) than just going for a 5-mile run.

The weather was perfect, the competitors were supportive (For example, I was having a hard time climbing a metal pole to reach a rope that I would then have to traverse when a more seasoned veteran pointed out that I could brace my feet on the nearby tree for extra leverage – it worked!), and I had a lot of fun.

My only complaint was an unexpected obstacle – a swarm of bees on the trail – very early in the race. After not having been stung for decades, I have now had more than 15 stings in two weeks! We reported the swarm to the volunteers at the next obstacle (tire flips) and they re-routed the race for subsequent competitors.

I have avoided obstacle course races because most of the big races (Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, etc.) seem cheesy and contrived. Getting muddy just for the sake of getting muddy doesn’t hold much appeal for me (I spent years getting muddy on the football field – been there, done that!), so I really appreciated Legend Race’s focus on real obstacles.

Today I’m sore in lots of places (especially forearms), but I really enjoyed the race. I can’t wait to do it again – especially if there is an opportunity to compete with others as a team!

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