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Thanksgiving has come and gone. I set a new 8k PR Thanksgiving morning in the Gallop & Gorge road race, ate my heart out for the rest of the day, and somehow caught a cold in between. As I have been somewhat under the weather these past few days, I’ve had ample opportunity to catch up on some movies I’ve been meaning to see.


I liked but didn’t love this one. It was definitely trying to be the kind of epic, artistic, transcendent movie that I would love, but it just didn’t quite get there. The cinematography was spectacular, the science-informed sci-fi was well done, and parts of it were very compelling. However, some of its subplots were a bit goofy and didn’t add much to – or even detracted from – the bigger picture. There were times when it seemed to be plodding along a little too indulgently, but there were also times when it glossed over important points with forced exposition. It was a good film and I recommend seeing it, but it unfortunately isn’t the “2001 for this generation” that it attempted to be.


This film was really interesting and had me thinking/guessing right up until the very end – and actually a bit after as well. It was very Memento-like in its non-chronological story telling and it was very well acted. It’s hard to be too specific about this movie without giving anything away, so it will have to suffice that I recommend it.


This movie really surprised and delighted me. It’s from the same studio that produced Coraline and is made in a somewhat similar style – although the content is not as dark. It features excellent voice acting, well-scripted dialog, a captivating premise, and an engaging plot that keeps you interested until the very end. This will work well for kids and adults alike – heartily recommended.

What do the rest of you think? Disagree with my reviews? Has anyone seen any other noteworthy movies recently?

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