Last week Katie and I saw the movie everyone has been raving about: Gravity. Although it wasn’t the best sci-fi movie ever (as we had heard from some people) – and, in fact, I wouldn’t classify it as a sci-fi movie at all – it was quite enjoyable.

We saw the movie in IMAX 3D and I’m glad we did. It is visually quite stunning with amazing panoramic shots of the earth during both night and day. The 3D is really well done and actually heightens the flinch-worthiness of the tenser scenes. I would expect nothing less from Alfonso CuarĂ³n, who directed my favorite of the Harry Potter films.

Although people tend to focus on the visual aspects when singing this movie’s praises, the audio was quite good as well. The constant tension between the sweeping score and the silence of the vacuum of space, combined with the cinematography, really succeeded in presenting both the beauty and hostility of space.

The film was incredibly immersive and the zero-g effects were extremely believable. This is a testament not only to the production techniques (using robotic attachments to move actors around as if they were in null gravity) but also to the skill of the actors. Decades ago actors acted on real sets and interacted with real objects/people. In this movie, though, actors were in front of green screens and I’m not sure any of them were actually in the studio at the same time. This must take an extra level of skill to act believably in a completely “produced” environment.

All in all, the movie was very good and definitely worth seeing – especially in IMAX 3D. Its themes of rebirth are a bit heavy-handed, but it is a beautiful, compelling story about the triumph of the persisent human spirit. For those of you have seen it already, what did you think?

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  1. Absolutely loved this movie! Was blown away by the camera work and the underlying plotline about Sandra Bullock's character's internal struggle. Also there are not many directors who can pull off writing such a good character-focused story, and use just one character for the bulk of the movie. Highly recommend it

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