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Blogger’s note: I no longer use the term “Redskins” but am leaving my prior references intact in the spirit of learning.

In the wake of the Washington Redskins playoff loss (but at least the Houston Texans won!) I will console myself with my list of favorites James Bond movies in terms of the gadgets employed – both by Bond and his adversaries. I have a separate list just for cars, but I have still included cars in this list when they included cool gadgets too. I’ve also given credit to movies for some gadgets that are demonstrated by Q but never actually used in practice – just because they’re cool!

1. Thunderball: Aston Martin DB5 (upgraded even from the Goldfinger version), homing pill, re-breather, Bell rocket belt, underwater jet pack, hydrofoil with separable cocoon, electrocution chair
2. The Spy Who Loved Me: Jaws’s teeth, Lotus Esprit S1 (with submarine mode!), micro film reader, ski pole gun, telex watch (Seiko), stun gas cigarette, sharp tea tray, in-boat monorail, portable water craft, Atlantis
3. Goldfinger: Aston Martin DB5 (The original spy car! Machine guns, missiles, smoke screen . . . if you ever played Spy Hunter in the ’80s, it was basically based on this car – only not as gorgeous.), homing shoe, Oddjob’s razor hat
4. A View to a Kill: Polarizing sunglasses, mini-camera ring, Zorin ID system (state of the art for the time!), UV reader checkbook, bug detector shaver, locksmith credit card, snooper robot, dirigible trailer mini-airship, multifunction cane, poison butterflies
5. Moonraker: Jaws’s teeth, wrist dart gun, safe cracker, detonator watch (Seiko), weapons coffin, mini-camera, laser gun, exploding bola, amphibious gondola hovercraft, poison pen, perfume flamethrower
6. The Living Daylights: Pipeline cab, multipurpose keychain, mini-binoculars, ghetto blaster, swallowing sofa, Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante (Another badass spy car, this one proved its worth during an epic chase on a frozen lake!) , milk bottle bombs, Whitaker’s war room
7. Live and Let Die: Watch (Rolex) with electromagnet and buzz saw, brush communicator, exploding pellet gun, Felix lighter, flute communicator, voodoo figures that shoot poison darts, revolving booth, Tee Hee’s claw
8. From Russia With Love: Special briefcase, tape recorder camera, garrote watch (These all seem very tame by comparison, but they were the original gadgets, laying the foundation for more and more creative efforts in subsequent movies.)
9. Octopussy: Finder watch (Seiko), trick dice, self-replacing wall poster, acid pen, TV watch, yo-yo circular saw, climbing rope, crocodile boat
10. Diamonds Are Forever: Pocket snap trap, fake fingerprints, electromagnetic RPM controller ring, grappling suspenders, voice changer, trick elevator, water sphere
11. You Only Live Twice: Mini-rocket cigarette, safe cracker, Little Nellie, volcano base, bridge trap door,
12. Die Another Day: Glass-breaking ring, loaded surfboard, detonator/laser watch (Omega), re-breather, virtual combat simulator, Aston Martin V12 Vanquish (with cloaking device, naturally)
13. The World Is Not Enough: Exploding gun, Q’s boat (Yes! Bond always gets cool cars; it was about time for another mode of tricked out transportation!), parachute snowmobiles, grappling watch (Omega), lock pick credit card, detonator glasses, x-ray glasses, Zorb ski jacket, flamethrower/gun bagpipe, helicopter-mounted buzz saw
14. Goldeneye: Grappling belt, grenade pen, laser/explosive watch (Omega), laser grappling gun, digital binoculars, x-ray scanner tea tray, phone booth trap, cast missile, door decoder, ejecter office chair
15. Tomorrow Never Dies: Smart phone, detonator watch (Omega), exploding lighter, spike fan, rickshaw defense, dragon flamethrower, lock pick earrings
16. For Your Eyes Only: SS St Georges, communicator watch (Seiko), identigraph, grappling suspenders, Lotus Esprit Turbo, RC helicopter with pilot assassination feature
17. The Man With the Golden Gun: The golden gun, gold bullets, fake nipple, solex agitator, AMC Matador, Scaramanga’s Fun Palace
18. Never Say Never Again: Pen gun, laser watch (Rolex), motion-sensing cigarette case bomb
19. License to Kill: Dentonite toothpaste with cigarette detonator, camera rifle, laser camera, exploding alarm clock, radio broom, manta ray disguise
20. Casino Royale: Aston Martin DBS V12 glove compartment, smart phone, biofeedback implant, explosive keychain
21. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: Radioactive lint, safe cracker, mini-camera
22. Skyfall: Palm reader gun, Aston Martin DB5 (Great throwback, but it doesn’t really use its gadgets much.)
23. Quantum of Solace: Smart phone, eavesdropping earpiece
24. Dr. No: Self destructor bag

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