Thanksgiving with Max

I’m running way behind on blogging but here is a belated entry for Thanksgiving, which was a real joy. Katie and I drove up to Hot Springs, Arkansas, as we usually do for Thanksgiving but this time there was a major difference: we had Max in the back seat!

He is very good in the car, mostly snoozing and occasionally poking his head up front for a few ear scratches. We stopped every two hours or so to give him a chance to stretch his legs, do his business, etc. However, when we did so, he was always very nervous and desperately tried to get back to the car if we weren’t both with him. We hypothesize that he was abandoned once by someone just dropping him off out of a car and then driving off–heart-breaking!
When we arrived in Hot Springs, Max went crazy. He’s used to being a city dog, cooped up in a house most of the day and only going outside on a leash. We turned him loose at my aunt’s house out in the country and at first he just ran laps around the house he was so excited to be free out in the open. My aunt and uncle have their own dog too and she got along very well with Max. The two of them were regular Tom Sawyer/Huck Finns, exploring the woods together, chasing after animals, and wrestling around.
Wednesday evening another aunt of mine threw Katie and me a little engagement party, which was a lovely affair. We wined and dined and celebrated with our family and some close friends. It must have been a great ordeal to organize and execute but it was a really wonderful way to start off the long Thanksgiving weekend!
Thursday we attended two different Thanksgivings meals, both of which were absolutely excellent. Friday we spent all day cooking, lazing around, and watching football – what a great way to spend time! Saturday there was one final Thanksgiving get-together and then we hit the road back to Houston. Max’s hips were so sore from all the running around that he actually needed some help getting into the car. Needless to say, he slept allllll the way home, tuckered out from his great country adventure.
Sunday we headed over to a Houston friend’s house for yet another Thanksgiving dinner and yet more football – I wish this could go on forever! It was a fantastic holiday weekend but it was also a time for reflection. Katie and I both are so very thankful for so many things in our lives, but most especially for the people. For loving, supportive families, for fun, interesting friends, for capable, driven colleagues, for good neighbors…for all of these we are incredibly thankful. We try our best to give back and be as positive a force in others’ lives.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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