Congrats to the Rice Class of 2010!

This weekend was Rice’s 97th Commencement and, despite the terrible weather, it was a blast. Friday night Katie and I took it easy just walking over to Barnaby’s for dinner. While we were dining, though, the deluge started so we stuck around for awhile and made lists of our favorite actors to pass the time. Mine are, in no particular order: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul Newman, Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood, Val Kilmer, Christian Bale, Daniel Day Lewis, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, and Ewan McGregor.

Every moment we waited seemed to bring worse and worse rain so finally we just decided to make the mad sprint home. We probably covered the three blocks in under a minute but we were SOAKED by the time we arrived home sweet home.

Saturday morning the graduation festivities were rained into the newly renovated Tudor Fieldhouse. Meanwhile Katie and I slogged it out at the farmers’ market to ensure that we had plenty of good stuff to eat for the week.
Saturday afternoon I attended my final Board meeting of the Association of Rice Alumni as my term ends June 30th. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve the 45,000 Rice alumni out there for three years and I look forward to continuing to do so even once I’m off the Board.
Saturday evening featured more Rice festivities, including the annual Laureates Dinner at River Oaks Country Club. It was a splendid affair and so inspiring to be surrounded by so many people who have contributed so much to the Rice community. Many congratulations to this year’s winners; you serve as role models for the rest of us!
Sunday continued the Rice trend as we had dinner with some of the other college presidents from back in the day. When I stepped forward to serve Lovett College in that capacity for a year I had no idea that the bonds I made would be so powerful and enduring.
Since then my focus has 100% returned to fundraising. This week I’ll be pitching to both the Houston Angel Network and the Central Texas (Austin) Angel Network. These represent the most significant near-term opportunities for our funding this next round so I really need to nail these pitches. 4th quarter, time running out, and we need a score–gimme the ball, coach!

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