Birthday Retrospective

Another year comes and goes and each is better than the last. I have a few white chest hairs now and probably some gray head hairs, although it’s hard to tell on my shaved head. I’m in the best shape of my life, though, and I’m spending my time and energy doing something I really believe in and with someone I love–what could be better?

As I am now 31 (!) I’m reflecting on birthdays of years past. The ones that most readily come to mind are:

30 (2009): This was a non-birthday as I was in the air between Amsterdam and Taipei for most of it. I had only been at Poken for a few months, but a few months “Poken time” is equivalent to years elsewhere and it was starting to dawn on me that I needed to re-focus on my energy mission. Two nights prior, Katie and I drank the last bottle of Valdicava Brunello di Montalcino at La Suite. It was too young but really opened up after awhile.
29 (2008): It was my first time seeing Katie in three months at IMD. She spirited me down to Lugano for a wonderful birthday weekend. Apparently at the same time my classmate, Mathieu, was experiencing his first kiss with Alessandra in Lausanne. They will be married this Fall!
28 (2007): Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party! The movie debuted that night so we all wore TMNT masks and drank green jello shots.
26 (2005): I drank way too much during Sunday Funday at La Strada, Berryhill, and . . . I don’t remember.
24 (2003): Katie took me to the Melting Pot–little did I know that I would one day live in the land of fondue! I also closed on my house that day.
23 (2002): My golden year started off innocuous enough with The Big Lebowski and white russians. Then it really, really devolved as I made an ass of myself while bowling.
22 (2001): Lovett College Night’s theme was Titanic. Several of us wore formalwear for the dinner and then the Russian Rave, hosted by Eric, my COMP partner who was born on the same day. I received my first hug from Katie at the Lovett 2nd Floor pre-party–happy birthday to ME!
21 (2000): My 21st birthday coincided (not coincidentally) with Lovett Changeover. To begin the evening we had a meat buffet in the Commons. I then turned over the presidency to Phil and let loose!
16 (1995): After 16 years of telling me that I would never ever have a car on my 16th birthday, my mom hinted to me that something was waiting for me in the driveway at home. As I pulled into the driveway, I found a toy corvette waiting for me there. Wow, was that ever anticlimactic!
12 (1991): Jukebox party with my best 6th grade friends in Virginia.
10 (1989): Games party at my dad’s house on Montesano: Nintendo, pinball machines, pool, darts, and jukeboxes. It was the last party I had there but man, what memories.
1 (1980): My first cupcake (with a single candle in it) – and it wouldn’t be my last!
0 (1979): Surprised my parents by all of a sudden being ready to go. Popped out at 5:23 PM–just in time for dinner!
Many thanks to everyone for the warm birthday wishes. Although I’m still working hard today, I’m basking in the warm glow of everyone’s regards.

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