New Wii Games

Santa was good to us this year and brought us many new Wii games:

Beatles Rock Band – words really can’t describe how awesome this game is. Those already tiring of the rhythm game genre might not be as impressed with it as I am but this is our first such game and wow, what a way to start! Katie sings beautifully while I strum along on the guitar parts. Like so we’re making our way (chronologically, of course!) through the entire Beatles repertoire. Very few things feel as awesome as getting a 100% score on the guitar part of While My Guitar Gently Weeps–hours and hours of endless fun and great music!
Wii Fit Plus – This is an example of evolution-not-revolution as there really isn’t that much different from the original Wii Fit. However, I love the original game so the addition of 15 new mini-games was very welcome. I’m not sure how long it will take me to master all the new features but I do know that I’ll have a lot of fun and burn a lot of low-impact calories while I’m trying.
Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout – This should really be titled “Gold’s Gym Cardio Kickboxing” as it is exclusively kickboxing content, no other cardio. Actually, so far it seems really to be only boxing, not even kickboxing. The jury is still out on it as I have only been through one session so far, but it seems like a good way to work up a sweat without leaving my living room.
Big Beach Sports – I wished for this aggregation of beach-based mini-games because it is one of the very few Wii titles to feature beach volleyball. The game on the whole is really weak, maybe even weaker than Deca Sports. However, the beach volleyball is this game’s best feature and is definitely better than the Deca version. It’s certainly not great, but it could be fun for groups.
Wii Motion Plus – This new technology makes the Wiimote controller infinitely more interesting. Instead of just detecting movement, the Wii can now tell the exact angle at which your Wiimote is being held and moving with great precision. Although there are still only ~10 games available for it, I see this as opening new doors for Wii possibilities–finally we can have a Star Wars game with real light saber action!
Wii Sports Resort – This was one of the very first games available to take advantage of the Wii Motion Plus. It is essentially a sequel to Wii Sports and is a lot of fun. The highlight for most people will be sword fighting, which allows much higher fidelity blocking, parrying, and striking than anything to date. However, the highlight for me by far is . . . TABLE TENNIS! Finally I can virtually return to my IMD days and get back to work on my smashes. It’s not quite the same, of course, but it’s a much, much more decent proxy than it could have been. I miss the fitness and training modes from the original Wii Sports but I guess you can’t have everything.
We’re awaiting the arrival of not one, not two, but three tennis games that use the Motion Plus so I’ll review them once I’ve had a chance to form an adequate opinion!

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