Amsterdam Day 3/Europe Day 639

My last full day in Europe was great. Miraculously the sun came out and the day was just beautiful. After a lazy morning we went to my classmate, Joonwon’s, birthday party, where we also were able to catch up with another classmate, Ziad. That was great fun and Sujin served up some excellent (and spicy!) Korean food.

This was followed by an IMD alumni event at a local hotel. John Wells, the IMD president, was in town so he hosted a gathering of 30+ alumni in the greater Amsterdam area. Here we all met up with another classmate, Frank, as well as with many older alumni.
I came here with the intention of getting to know Amsterdam but the highlight of this trip by far was catching up with friends/classmates. After a full day of IMD activities, we repaired back to the apartment and had another great meal–fajitas, in celebration of my return to Texas! There were more philosophical discussions–this time regarding blogging and online identity!
Now I am about to board my flight to Houston. This was a great weekend in Amsterdam and the last two years in Europe have been wonderful. A part of me will always reside here and I definitely hope to return often.

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