GNR Rocks!

What a week it has been: 12-hour days, no recovery from jet lag (I arrived Monday AM on the red-eye from Houston.), a dev team that seems to be gelling/productive, lots of new orders coming in (We hit 30,000 website hits/month today.), trying to master the present while also planning out the future (a quickly moving target!), doing yoga in the conference room, sleeping in the conference room . . . Awesome!

I’m working on plans right now for our upcoming API that should really help us expand. In the background I’m playing the Guns N’ Roses discography–chronologically, of course! I can’t believe how strongly they entered the market! Appetite For Destruction is so chock full of awesomeness, it’s a wonder that 1987 was able to handle it. I should get to Chinese Democracy sometime this weekend–we’ll see how that stacks up!
My “life” outside of Poken was exceptional for two reasons today. 1. I suggessfully procured treatment for athlete’s foot at a pharmacy in French, and 2. I discovered that my gym has Wii Sports! Given that my life is already pretty much exclusively Poken + the gym, the Wii shouldn’t make too much of a difference in my daily routine.
This Saturday I will be in Basel for a Startup Camp event. I’ll have a chance to see the owner of my IMD Startup Project, Sobees, and some classmates. Speaking of IMD, today was the Class of 2009’s mini-Integrative Exercise, which I blogged about this time last year. It seems like MUCH longer than a year ago! My heart and support goes out to the IMD MBA Class of 2009!

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