The Circle Continues

Today I had coffee with four students from IMD’s class of 2009. They begin orientation on MONDAY!!!! I can’t believe that it’s starting all over again already! Part of me wants to do it again–especially since the program will be different under the new program director (who came to us from UVA–Wahoo!)–but most of me is very, very glad to be done.

Before coffee I had my first lifting session of the year, supported by Foreigner on my MP3 player. I used to equate Foreigner with Journey but now it is clear that there is no comparison. Foreigner is good, but Journey is . . . rad. Or boss. Or any number of other 80s words for “cool” and “awesome” at the same time. Foreigner was up in the playlist because I have recently finished the “E” section of my music collection. “E” took a long time mostly because of the prolific works of Eric Clapton. I am NOT complaining, as Clapton is my favorite guitarist of all time.
I’ve also been listening to “Bruises” by Chairlift recently. I overheard it in a store during the holidays and now I can’t get it out of my head.
Thursday I will make my first presentation, a comprehensive product roadmap, to Poken’s Board of Directors. The holidays were wonderful, but it actually feels good to be back in an environment with hard, meaningful deliverables!

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