I’m in Kenya!

The day began ealier than usual; we all met at IMD at 4:45 AM to take a bus to the airport. Air travel was smooth and, before we knew it, we landed in Nairobi. To avoid evening traffic, which is abysmal, we had two meetings there at the airport. The first, with Swiss International Air – Kenya was about the challenges of doing business in Kenya. The second, with Kenya’s Airport Authority, was about achieving their strategy of becoming the dominant East African network of airports.

As we arrived at our hotel, our anxiety levels rose. The rooms are basic, to say the least, but that’s probably healthy for a bunch of coddled MBA students. 🙂 As we sat down for dinner, our apprehensions eased; the food was delicious (and plentiful!) and the hotel staff was incredibly gracious. If any anxiety was left at all, the gin and tonic forced it out. Yes, I do believe G&Ts will be my drink of choice here. Even though our altitude is high enough for mosquitos not to be much a risk, a little quinine won’t hurt!

Pictures so far are on facebook.

I will close with a valuable piece of advice I learned from Lisa, our expedition organizer: Don’t come between a hippo and the water! We may see hippos during our camping trip at Lake Navasha–I’m so excited!

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  1. I AM JEALOUS! That is AWESOME. Bring me home a tamed lion. Seriously. Or a pride of 23 tamed lions, if you really want to be an overachiever! AH!

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