Queen and Careers

Yesterday morning we had a Leadership class focused on careers and the characteristics that drive/motivate us. Based on a survey, we were divided into five groups, those who were looking for freedom, balance, security, interesting challenge, and advancement/accomplishment. Of course most of us were motivated by several of these, but we broke into groups based upon our highest scores. We then put together presentations about what we need from our supervisors, companies, and families, as well as which socio-economic factors might affect the value of our careers for each type.

It surprised me that my highest score was in freedom, not in accomplishment. Accomplishment was a very close second, followed by balance as a close third. Interesting challenge was a distant fourth and security was hardly represented at all. As our freedom group sat down to work, we felt “free” to turn on some music: Queen’s “I Want To Break Free.” At the same time the accomplishment group was listening to “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie. During Q&A after the accomplishment group’s presentation, someone asked if they related to the Queen song “I Want It All (and I Want It Now).” The answer was yes, and lord knows I can relate.

While I am disappointed that the other groups didn’t independently come up with Queen anthems, I am glad to have had three Queen songs stuck in my head all day. Slightly less inspiring is “Looking For Freedom” by David Hasselhoff, which we played at the beginning of our presentation to get the class clapping. The music video featured scenes from Knight Rider–how can you beat that?

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