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Yesterday our afternoon class was interrupted by numerous loud booms that sounded (and felt!) progressively closer and closer. Theories about the source of such tremors ranged from the boring (construction of the building next door) to the outlandish (fiesty Evian launching an offensive from the other side of Lake Geneva). As I sat watching the shock waves in my cup of water, I was positive that the booms were attributable to a Tyrannosaurus Rex that had escaped her pen. Good times.

Fortunately we had a really cool case about Palm, US Robotics, 3COM, and Handspring during Entrepreneurship so there was no time to fret. It was fun analyzing the entrepreneurial opportunities in the handheld software industry during the .com boom because my first startup was . . . a handheld sofware company during the .com boom! What amazing times those were–and were only in Austin. I can only imagine the electricity in Silicon Valley!

John Doerr’s name came up again during that class and today’s strategy discussion about Apple has included some talk of Intel and AMD. AMD’s CEO, Dr. Hector Ruiz, is another Rice alum–go Rice!

And speaking of Rice, I wore a War Owls shirt to Saturday’s ping pong tournament but it didn’t seem to help much. I won a few games but was out before the semis. This forced me to break out the football and toss it around in the gorgeous weather. Rough life!

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