I’m Hungry Like the Wolf

A major objective of our Leadership stream is to understand better the role our subconscious minds play in everything we do. One tool we use is dream analysis since the content of dreams is subconscious. I have been keeping a dream log for the past two months, waking up in the middle of the night, fumbling around for the pen and then scribbling in the dark whatever I can remember from the dream I was just having.

I can’t remember last night’s dream but apparently I tried to document it as my bedside notepad was not empty when I woke up this morning. What articulate words did I jot down to provide enlightening analysis of the deep, sophisticated inner workings of my mind?

“There are hunters and gatherers.
I am a hunter.”

Thanks, sleepy Bryan, that’s very helpful.

All I can do is leave you with a related quote from one of my favorite movies about hunters, Predator. During a pivotal scene in which Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s character decides to go on the offensive, he taunts his predator-turned-prey as follows:


There, just as intelligible as my dreams.

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