Men, Men, Men, We Are Stout-Hearted Men!

Today was a great day. Accounting has moved from archaic ledgers to useful tools (cashflow forecasting and investment valuation, for example) and our afternoon was spent with our leadership coaches working through issues in our study group dynamics. There were some difficult topics in those discussions but the fact that we are addressing them feels really good. This is the part of IMD I really love: the focus on the softer side of business.

What made today really great, however, was world class ping pong! We had more time than usual to play today and there were few enough people that we could play singles instead of doubles. This allowed me to play several matches with Martin, Alex (both in my study group), and Paul, the staff ringer. My games with Martin were pretty evenly matched and a lot of fun. Alex, after he warmed up, showed off why China dominates in this sport. Standing 10 feet off the table he dug everything up and brought serious offense too. It was inspiring to watch. Although he beat me soundly, my level of play increased as I played him. The hard forehand smashes I wrote about in a previous post were coming several-per-match instead of a few-per-week; it felt great!

The icing on the cake was beating Paul, though. Three weeks ago he would destroy me every time; today I was able to pull out our last match in extra points. He’s still going to beat me nine times out of 10, but winning once was a big step. I feel like Rocky. AH!

To commemorate this feeling, I must share a link sent to me by one of my buddies back in the States: The 9 Manliest Names in the World. Somehow “Bryan Guido Hassin” was left off the list so take these suggestions with a grain of salt. I’ll just assume I was #10—who knows why they only published the top 9?! Don’t follow this link if you’re easily offended by profanity. Do follow it if you ever had a conversation with me about how envious we were of a friend living on a street called Iron Master.

I must end this post here as there is much work to prepare for tomorrow and the weekend. After all, I’m sacrificing tomorrow night’s productivity for the most manly of activities: going to the opera!

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