Ralf Boscheck

It’s funny that I chose to introduce our Industry and Company Analysis/Economics course in last night’s blog because our prof was in fine form during this morning’s class.

Some Boscheckisms:

  • Why are we going into such detail? BECAUSE IT’S GOOD FOR YOU!
  • You’re tired? Why? Because you’re only sleeping four hours a day? That’s just half of what you’re supposed to have. There, problem solved.
  • At IMD, many professors will call this element “people.” In economics we call it what it really is: “labor.”
  • Cartels rely on facilitating devices, such as long-term contracts or implicit agreements to get around the prisoner’s dilemma. It’s a lot like marriage, actually.
  • Where did this great new technology come from? GERMANY, of course!
  • This is not some tra la la like marketing; there is only ONE right answer.
  • Why do you need a toilet break? I don’t need a toilet break, but that’s fine because I’m a hero.

This afternoon’s class is Marketing. Tra la la, here we come!

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