First day of class

It was a week ago already that I posted about our first day of class and promised to write more soon. Adapting to this routine, coping with consistent lack of sleep, and not being accustomed to setting aside time for blogging have interfered with my intentions, but at long last, here I am.

Our first day was great. 90 students from 44 different countries converged and began getting to know each other. Our excitement was uncontainable; it seemed like every other sentence from our professors and administrators was met with a full round of applause. There are eight of us from the USA (although several of the Americans have dual citizenship), seven from China, seven from Russia, and then the rest of the students are from all over–from Azerbaijian to Zambia.

The opening day experience here was, in some ways, similar to the first day of O-Week at Rice. Upon my arrival, everyone from administrators to professors to security personnel knew my name and background. Many of the students too had been more diligent than I in researching the class profiles and knew all about where I came from and what I had done. The marketing isn’t just hype; this truly is a personalized, intimate program.

I think my blogging will come more frequently if I can keep my posts to small, discrete chunks. For that reason, and because I have to be up in four hours for an outdoor leadership training exercise high up in the Alps, I will bring this entry to a close. I hope this finds everyone well and I look forward to posting more soon!

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  1. Glad to hear you\’re working your tail off – and remember, the first few weeks are always the easiest !!David and Marilyn

  2. Have fun studying Keynesian economics. It will be interesting to hear your view of Keynesian as it differs from Supply side (Neo-classical).I know that you will study hard!

  3. Have a great time studying Supply Side economics. It will be a blast to hear you discribe the difference between Keynesian and Neocolassical (Supply Side).We know that you will study hard!

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